We use cookies to make your access customized to your taste and choices and thereby ensure that your experience in our store is the best possible.
This Policy aims to provide clear and objective information about what cookies are, what role they play and how to set them.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files or pieces of information that are downloaded to your computer, smartphone or any other device with internet access when you visit a website.
They contain information about your navigation in our store and retain only information related to your preferences.
This enables this site to store and retrieve data about your browsing habits in order to improve the user experience, for example.
It is important to note that they do not contain specific personal information such as sensitive or banking data.
Your browser stores cookies on your hard drive, but they take up minimal memory space that does not affect your computer's performance. Most information is deleted as soon as you log out, as you will see in the next topic.

1.Types of Cookies
Cookies, in terms of their owners, can be:
Proprietary cookies: these are cookies set by us or by third parties on our behalf
Third-party cookies: these are cookies set by trusted third parties in our application
Cookies, as to their lifetime, can be:
Session or temporary cookies: these are cookies that expire as soon as you close your browser, ending the session.
Persistent or permanent cookies: these are cookies that remain on your device for a certain period or until you delete them.
Cookies, in terms of their purpose, can be:
Necessary cookies: these are essential cookies that make it possible to navigate our applications and access all features; if these, our services may perform poorly or not work at all.
Performance cookies: these are cookies that optimize the way our applications work by collecting anonymous information about the pages accessed.
Functionality cookies: these are cookies that remember your preferences and choices (such as your username)
Advertising cookies: these are cookies that target ads based on your interests and limit the number of times the ad appears.

2. Why do we use Cookies?
Through cookies, we seek to optimize your navigation on our site based on your preferences and, with this information, adjust the content to make it more relevant to you.
Cookies participate in this process because they store, read and execute the data necessary to fulfill our objective.

3. Management of Cookies
The installation of cookies is subject to your consent. Although most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies automatically, you can review your permissions at any time in order to

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